Medical Products & Equipment

Suppliers of Medical Products & Equipment in South Africa. We provide the medical industry with all medical supplies that range from medical disposables, hospital furniture and more. For the best
prices email us for a quote for your medical needs today.

  • stretchers
  • spineboards
  • evacuation chairs
  • examination couches
  • first aid kits for factories, vehicles, restaurants and homes
  • mine kits, sportsman kits, boat kits
  • diagnostic drug testing Kits
  • alcohol testing kits
  • breathalysers
  • medical disposables
  • fire extinguishers for the home business and vehicles we supply all the items in the first aid kit individually or in a complete refill
  • educational posters on CPR and first aid and the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol
  • safety, fire and first aid signs
  • emergency and fire blankets
  • burn gel sachets and burn gel sprays

Disposable Surgical / Medical Products


Urology Disposables Products:

- Foley Balloon Catheter
- Urine Collecting Bag with Measured Volume Meter
- Male External Catheter
- Urine Collecting Bag
- Nelaton Catheter
- Urine Collecting Bag (Paediatric).

Gastro Entrology Disposable Products:

- Salem Sump Tube
- Infant Feeding Tube
- Levin's Tube, Colostomy Bag
- Ryle's Tube, Kehr's ''T" Tube.

Anesthesia Disposable Products:

- Nasal Oxygen Cannula
- Endotracheal Tube
- Oxygen Mask
- Pressure Monitoring Line
- Tracheostomy Tube
- Suction Catheters
- Guedel Airways
- Yankaur Suction Set
- Infant Mucus Extractor
- Closed Wound Suction Unit
- Lumber Puncture & Aspiration Needle
- Three Way Stop Cock.

Gynecology & Pediatric Disposable Products:

- Karman Cannula & Mtp Syringe
- Umbilical Catheter
- Ring Pessary
- Umbilical Cord Clamp
- Cytobrush/Endocervical Brush.

Transfusion / Blood Management Disposable Products:

- I.V. Cannulae
- Measured Volume Burette Set
- Scalp Vein Set
- Blood Transfusion Set
- Intravenous Transfusion Set.

General Surgery Disposable Products:

- Thoracic Trocar Catheter
- Surgical Tapes/Sports Tapes
- Thoracic Drainage Catheter
- Surgical Pad/Gauze & Cotton Tissue
- Gauze Swabs
- Bandage Skin Traction
- Surgical Gloves
- Corrugated Drainage Sheet - Pvc
- Surgical Blade With Handle
- Kidney Tray

Non Woven Disposable Products:

- Surgeon Cap
- Nurses Cap
- Surgeon Face Mask
- Surgical Gown

Medical Furniture Supply

Hospital Beds
Hospital Beds - ICU
Hospital Beds - Fowler
Hospital Beds - Semi-Fowler
Hospital Beds - Plain
Hospital Beds - Orthopedic
Hospital Beds Mattress
Bedside Lockers
Bedside Tables
Medical Cabinets/Cupboards
Saline Stands
Bedside Screens
Scrub Unit Racks
Foot Stools
Bedside/Revolving Stools
Bowl Stands

Examination Table/Couch
Wheel Chairs/Walkers/Sticks
Waiting Chairs & Benches
Doctor Chair & Stools
Office Conference & Coffee Tables
Kick Bucket & Crash Cart
Dust Bin - Foot Operated
Operation Theatre Tables
Superior Range
Economy Range
Obstetric Tables
Blood Donor Chairs
Mobile Operation Theatre Lights
Superior Range
Economy Range
Ceiling Operation Theatre Lights
Superior Range
Economy Range
Movable Cabinets / Drawers

Medical Utensils / Hospital Holloware


Bed Pans - S.S. / Plastic
Kidney Trays - S.S. / Plastic
Bowls & Basins - Stainless Steel
Solution Cup
Measuring Spoons
Plastic Holloware
Douche Can - Stainless Steel
Bucket with Cover - S.S.
Surgical/ Syringe Boxes
Drinking Cups
Water Filter
Urinals - S.S./Plastic
Gallipot & Sputum Mugs - S.S.
Feeding Cups - S.S.
Dressing Drums
Thermometer / Forceps jars

Infant Care / Baby Care Equipments


- Phototherapy Units
- Baby Incubator
- Infantometers
- Medical Thermal Blanket
- Foetal Heart Monitor / Doppler
- Infant Radiant Warmer / Open
- Ultraviolet Sterilizers
- Infant Resuscitation Trolley / Baby Bassinet
- Weight Scales

Diagnostic Equipment's and Products


- Sphygmomanometers & Spares
- Otoscopes
- Snellen Charts
- Head Band & Mirror sets
- Pulse Oximeters
- Measuring Tapes
- Stethoscopes & Spare Parts
- Opthalmoscopes
- X-Ray Viewers
- Thermometers Clinical
- Nebulizers
- Reflex Hammers /Tuning Forks
- Diagnostic Sets
- Notice Board
- Magnifiers - Loupes & Optics
- Height, Weight Measuring Scales

Emergency Medical Products & EMS Supplies


- Stretchers
- Wheel Chairs
- Laryngoscopes
- Torches
- Emergency & Recovery Trolley
- Stretcher Trolley
- IV Poles
- Multi-Purpose Scissor
- Ambu Type Bags
- Suction Unit (Portable)
- Face Masks Disposables

Cleaning Materials


(Available in Floral, Cherry, Herbal, Musk, Lavender, Apple, Vanilla, Pine, Anti-tobacco, Country Fresh, Honeysuckle)

Dashboard Treatment
Electrical Contact Cleaner N/F
Furniture Polish (Available in Lavender, Lemon, Vanilla)
Oven Cleaner
Penetrating Oil
Silicone Spray
Battery Cleaner
Computer Cleaner
Chain Lube

* Please note that there are 12 units in each box.


Carpet Deodoriser Flakes
Carpet Shampoo
Floor Polish
Floor Stripper
Furniture Polish - Liquid
G.P.Cleaner (Available in Pink & Blue)
High Polymer Floor Sealer
Miracle Mix
Wash & Wipe
Window Cleaner


Bath, Bowl, Basin Cleaner
Strong Black Disinfectant
Deo Blocks
Deo Cubes
Blue Disinfectant
Yellow Germicide
Liquid Soap Dispenser
Liquid Hand Soap (Available in Pink & Blue)
Liquid Hand Soap - Green (Anti Bacterial)
Portable Toilet Cleaner & Disinfectant
Pine & Citrus Gel
Protect-U Pine Disinfectant

* Please note that there are 12 units in each box.

Protective Clothing


Blue Denim & Drill (Labourer)
Unbleached Tradesman
Mechanics Type Continental (2-piece) Suits
Acid Resistant Overalls & Coats
Dust Coats (White, Blue, Grey) W
omen's Wrapovers, Smocks, Turban, Pleated Caps

Waterproof Clothing

PVC Jackets, Trousers, Coats
Rainsuits, Raincoats
PVC Aprons (white, green, blue)

Freezer Clothing

Freezer Overalls with hood
Freezer Jackets & Trousers
Freezer Glovers Balaclavas, Woollen Socks, Jerseys
Furlined Boots

Hand Protection

PVC Gloves
Leather Gloves
Rubber, Cotton, Latex Gloves
Electricians Gauntlet
Hand Cleaners / Wipes


Safety Boots & Shoes
PVC Boots
Rubber Lace-up Boots

Disposable Wear

Beard Covers
Disposable Visitor Coat
Mop Caps
Overalls with Hood
Plastic Aprons
Plastic Overshoes
Plastic Sleeves
Plastic Smocks
Plastic Deli Gloves

Personal Safety Equipment

Head Protection

Safety Helmets Bump Caps Chin Straps, Lamp Brackets & Cable Clips Food Caps (PVC & Denim)

Eye Protection

Safety Spectacles Chipping & Grinding Goggles Dust & Chemical Googles Face Shields

Safety Equipment

Safety Belts & Harnesses Electrician-Linesman Belts Kidney Belts First Aid Boxes Signs: Safety, Traffic, Factory Reflective Vest

Respiratory Protection

Dust Masks Respirators Full Face Gasmasks Cartridge & Canisters Respirator Hoods

Welding Accessories

Welding Helmets Welding & Cutting Goggles Welding Curtains

Ear Protection

Ear Plugs Ear Muffs (Universal / Cap Type)

Cleaning Products

Toilet Paper Rolls
Paper Wipe Rolls
Vesting Rags
Refuse Bags
Scourers Mops, Brooms, Brushes
Stationery Products
Computer Products
Inks & Toners