KAITLYN KAIZER - Medical Supply

We provide the medical industry with all medical supplies that range from medical disposables, hospital furniture and more.

  • Disposable Surgical Medical Products
  • Hospital Medical Furniture
  • Protective Clothing
  • Medical Utensils Hospital Holloware
  • Infant Care Equipment
  • Diagnostic Equipment
  • Emergency Medical Products
  • Cleaning Materials
  • Personal Safety Equipment

    Kaitlyn Kaizer was founded by Tyron Oosthuizen, a dynamic professional with a plethora of knowledge in the medical supplies environment. With passion at the heart of Kaitlyn Kaizer, Tyron strives to provide every client with the best variety of products at the best prices. With a solid portfolio of clients within the Kaitlyn Kaizer arsenal, Tyron is well known in the industry as a trusted supplier of a diverse range of medical products.

    Situated centrally in the heart of Johannesburg, Kaitlyn Kaizer connects and speaks to the Health Care Market namely General Practitioners, Specialists, Pharmacies, Clinics, and the Public Sector with products renowned for their quality and value.

    Kaitlyn Kaizers main business focus involves supply of medical and surgical disposables, protective clothing, hospital linen, uniforms, hospital furniture and cleaning materials. Our company takes pride in its four basic cornerstones, which are service excellence, great pricing, quality products and timorously delivery.

    Kaitlyn Kaizer is a South African owned company supplying a wide range of disposable surgical and medical products. Driven and managed by the owner Tyron Oosthuizen affords all clients the benefit of a hand on approach.

    We are a fierce competitor in the medical supplies business of healthcare products, primarily to Government Hospitals in South Africa, aligning ourselves with not only great partnerships but solid brands affording our clients strategic worldwide market leading medical products.

    Kaitlyn Kaizer's purpose is to be the first port of call when it comes to any client wanting to procure and source medical supplies to hospitals, laboratories and other areas in the medical field in the following way:

    • Access to latest medical, surgical technologies and equipment
    • Information on international and local medical equipment trials

    Kaitlyn Kaizer speaks to broad based and specialized customers:

    • Broad Customers: fulfilling specific customer product requests.
    • Specialized Customers: providing specialized healthcare products.

    Our customer target market consists of the following; private and public hospitals, clinics, medical and dental practitioners, homecare and government institutions.

    Our Vision

    To grow the integrity and value of the SOUTH AFRICAN health and medical industry through the manufacturing and supply of great products and fantastic prices.

    Our Values

    Customer centric — providing medical supplies to meet your budget and your medical needs A one stop medical supplies shop Prices to meet and suite our clients budgets Growing not only our own business but improving the performance of the health industry through positively impacting the medical environment through our service and our products

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    Medical Supply Equipment South Africa - Kaitlyn Kaizer

    MEDICAL SUPPLIES: If you are in the Government sector or are a municipal clinic or the health sector and are in need of medical suppliers then ask us for a quote today admin@kaitlynkaizer.co.za
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    MEDICAL SUPPLIES: If you are in the Government sector or are a municipal clinic or the health sector and are in need of medical suppliers then ask us for a quote today sales@kaitlynkaizer.co.za
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